Just the Facts

I’m Lorraine Edwards, MSW, Speaker and Relationship Coach

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Gainesville, Florida with my family when I was six years old.

I was raised in the Christian church by parents who never said "no" when asked if their children could participate in service. This is where I received my first exposure to public speaking. I was shy and the thought of speaking publicly would cause me anxiety for weeks.

Lorraine Edwards –

My Coaching

Group Coaching and Trainings

We all need support in an area that isn't working. Get group coaching or training to help you create a life you love.


Coaching sessions for single women 18 to 89 years.


Coaching sessions for married women in life and relationship issues.


Seminars for churches for their single and family relationship programs.


Providing 1-3 day workshops for singles ministries retreats.

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Coaching vs Therapy

Do you need coaching or therapy?

Coaches partner with individuals or groups with a specific goal(s) they would like to attain or problem they would like to address. We support them through the process of change by helping them gain insight, address obstacles, create an action plan, and be accountable so that they attain the desired outcome. Watch the video for answers to your FAQs about coaching.

Base Prices

Prices that Fit Your Budget

This person understands the power of words and uses them to encourage, uplift, empower, and create intimacy, says Lorraine Edwards, MSW, a life and relationship coach.

~ Women's Health, December 2022

The Process

You made the decision...now what?

Now that you have decided that you need additional help, what are the next steps? We never want to leave you wondering.

Schedule a Free Call

When you book a call, we will have a Zoom meeting to discuss your basic goals and see if we are a good fit.

Review and Sign Contract

After we determine coach/client fit, I will send you a contract that outlines all the terms and costs of the services.

Begin Your Transformation

Start the services you requested and begin moving toward the goals and outcomes that you desire to make in your life.

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Take a look at my schedule for available appointments.

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