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Lorraine Edwards, MSW
International Speaker & Trainer


Lorraine Edwards is an international speaker with 10+ years encouraging and empowering single women to create a life they love. This is critical because when women are not happy with their life as a single, they are at greater risk of ignoring red flags and making detrimental relationship choices to escape singleness. In addition, she says, “If you don’t love your life when you’re single, you will hate it when you’re married”. Lorraine teaches that truly creating a life you love requires nurturing a covenantal relationship with God, developing a healthy self-love, seeking out healthy, platonic relationships, and identifying and living your God-given purpose.

With straight talk, laughter, self-reflection, and a lot of Bible, she helps single women to see beyond the family-focused narrative of most faith communities to the truth that when God said, “I know the plans I have for you”, He was talking to them too. Lorraine is ready to help minister to the single women in your church and community, and train your team on creating an environment that embraces them as valued , necessary, and loved members of the community.

She combines her religious and spiritual foundation with an educational background.  She has a BA in Psychology and an MSW both from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  Lorraine worked fulltime as the Area Social Services Manager for The Salvation Army in Richmond, Petersburg, and Hopewell Virginia for 8 years before she felt a different call to ministry at the Longburn Adventist College in Palmerston North, New Zealand where she served as an Assistant Dean in the Girls Boarding House in 2020.

Since returning to the states from New Zealand, she has embraced her new role as Co-Founder/Speaker at A SINGLE Mission.

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