The Mission

A SINGLE Mission encourages women to find pleasure in their singleness, walk in their purpose, and prepare for the partner they desire.

The Vision

A SINGLE Mission envisions increasing marital commitment, pleasure, purpose, and family stability in faith communities and ultimately the larger society.

The Values


A SINGLE Mission – In addition to incorporating prayer, devotion, Sabbath rest, and the returning of tithe into our business operations, we commit to only providing services undergirded with the Biblical, moral, and ethical truths upon which we were founded.

Our clients – Without a moral, unchanging, but loving center, we believe no individual nor relationship can maintain commitment, happiness, purpose, and stability. We believe God to be that critical center and therefore, we guide our clients to first develop their relationship God and then teach them how to transfer that to their future relationship.


A SINGLE Mission – God has given us a purpose to serve single women in our community. Although there are many problems in the world that we care about, we intend to stay in the purpose that is ordained for us, to serve those that God has given to us, in the best most effective way possible.

Our clients – We believe a truly lifelong love with another person is only possible when you are both walking in your purpose as God has given to you and then you join in purpose either in tandem or in support so that your marriage is about glorifying God not just self. To this end, we help clients recognize and begin pursuing their purpose in this process of helping them become a loving, healthy, purposeful partner.


A SINGLE Mission – Kindness is the low-hanging fruit of the spirit. We are intentional about being kind to co-workers, clients, vendors, and churches with whom we engage.

Our clients – Kindness goes a long way in resolving challenges, disagreements, and conflict in relationships. We help our clients understand and be intentional about implementing this value in their journey to becoming and choosing a loving, healthy, and purposeful partner.


A SINGLE Mission – We believe that any obstacle can be overcome if we choose to grow and learn. We are committed to seeking out staff, client, and vendor feedback at least annually so that we can develop new programs, improve processes, reach new clients, and strengthen client outcomes.

Our clients – We encourage clients to embrace a mindset of growth individually and in their relationships so that they can continually improve as a person and a partner. With the proliferation of information from the Bible, books, podcasts, YouTube, social media, etc., there is nothing that we cannot learn about becoming a better person, partner, parent, or professional if we have a mindset to do so.


A SINGLE Mission – “In the light, we do right”.  We will be transparent about our beliefs, processes, challenges, successes, failures, and everything in between as appropriate within the community of our program. We believe in creating a community that supports us and all to do better, grow more, and live every day more aligned with God and His Word.  And we embrace the reality that when we fail to meet those standards, the community of staff, clients, and vendors that are impacted have both the right and the responsibility to call us up to a higher standard without exposing us unnecessarily to outside scrutiny. We have the same responsibility to them and commit to fulfilling that.

Our clients – “In the light, we do right”. We will challenge clients with our focus on accountability in dating. We believe that there is safety in our behavior and in our partner selection when we remain open, honest, and transparent within our community. Part of the program will be having at least one or two people in the community to be accountable to about the journey of becoming and choosing a loving, healthy, and purposeful partner.

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