Individual Coaching

We all need support in some area of our life that is not working. Our 1:1 Coaching provides support, an action planning, and accountability to help you address the fears, challenges, and loneliness of being single so you can go forward and create a life you love. We work with clients to understand their goals and the behaviors that will help them accomplish the goal(s). We partner with the client to create an action plan. We incorporate necessary actions into their current lifestyle in the most manageable way possible. This allows them to have quick and early wins that build their confidence and consistency. All coaching is approached from a holistic perspective beginning with a Biblical, spiritual foundation. We believe that strength in this area gives them what they need to accomplish goals in every other area of our lives. Individual coaching packages can be selected for weekly or bi-weekly sessions based on the needs of the client. This option provides the highest level of access to your coach.

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Group Coaching

The Bible says that in the multitude of counselors is wisdom. This is the foundation of our group coaching program. No one person has all the wisdom and insight necessary to help a person grow, overcome, and reach their goals. In our program, group coaching program, client meet with their coach and 7-9 like-minded women of faith, to share their challenges, fears, and loneliness and celebrate together their victories, successes, and joy in a mutually supportive and accountable community. Our group coaching packages are available for weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on the need of the client. This service provides a less access to the coach, but creates a community that can also support clients with their goals.

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We are available to speak at churches, provide workshops at retreats or conferences, and do virtual events for your church services, relationship ministries, or singles ministry events. Though many singles feel that God has abandoned them because they are not married, as we search the scriptures as our foundational text, we learn that God is in love with His single daughters and has plans just for them to have a life full of love and purpose.

Some of the topics that we have shared in our speaking engagements include: finding our God-given purpose, sexual boundaries, identifying and understanding the flags in your relationship, addressing your own character flaws before marriage, understanding the shadows of your old relationship in light of your new one, creating a life you love, and much more.

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Online Course

To have a healthy relationship with another person, you need to create a life you love for yourself. But many doubt that they can ever be happy while they are single?

Our new courses include live training, live group coaching, action steps, and accountability so that you complete the course and get the transformation that you desire.

The two available courses include:

Reimagining Love, Reigniting Passion…For Singles. This 8-week course teaches you the 4-Pillar Blueprint to create a life you love now so you have joy as a single woman and are prepared for marriage if God directs you to that.

date WIZERR: Identifying the Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship and the Green Lights of a Healthy One. This course teaches you how to confidently approach any potential partner using the 3-Flag Blueprint to alert you when to go forward, slow down or stop so that you can skip the heartbreaks and identify the healthy partner that you are longing for.

Online courses allow you to access the principles of change and make the transformation you desire at your own pace.

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